Install windows 8 on mac 32 or 64 bit

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Featured on Meta. VMware provides helpful options for running Windows on your Mac, including tutorials.

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Open the disk image and do the old drag to install. Click Create New.

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Windows 8 is not yet an option in VMware, but selecting Windows 7 will work. Select Customize Settings, and WMware will prompt you first to save the file.

How to Install Windows 7-32 bit on macOS Sierra WITHOUT BootCamp on a 13GB partition

You may want to tinker with the default settings in VMware, particularly when it comes to the RAM you allocate to your virtual machine. Close the Settings window and your virtual machine shows a movie-like start arrow. Download and install VirtualBox from its website. Creating a VirtualBox virtual machine for Windows 8 Preview is a matter of providing a name for the environment and selecting Windows as the operating system. Next, you need to create a virtual hard disk.

Bootcamp: is there an advantage of bit vs bit Windows? - Ask Different

I chose a VirtualBox disk, but there are several other formats including Parallels. Click Continue and select whether you want the space to be dynamically allocated or static. Click Continue again and give the disk a name and a maximum size.

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  • Click Continue to review your disk settings and click Create. Finally, click Create one more time to tie it all together. Now you have the environment, you just need to install Windows 8. Click the folder icon next to the popup menu and select the ISO disk image of Windows 8 you want to use. Click Continue to review again and then Start. VirtualBox lets you pick your disk image type for later portability.

    VirtualBox will start the environment using the Windows install disk image. VirtualBox is now ready to let you take a walk on the Windows wild side.

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    Of the four options I explored, I found that Parallels is far and away the most painless to configure, even if it does require you to shell out more of your hard-earned cash. VMware Fusion is a bit less and slightly less slick, but still a solid option. VirtualBox is slower and much less elegant than the other virtualization options, but it is free. That should be possible, right?

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    How we tested running Windows on a Mac

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