Big mac price usa 2014

I am not a conspiracy theorist.

Would you pay $7 for a Big Mac?

But, I am a consumer. I shop around just like the next person. And, it seems more and more every time I look at the price of something, anything , I am almost always baffled by the cost for whatever the item is. The numbers I am trying to show, along with the visual graph, is that there is a disconnect. But, it is not just food. It is other items, such as rent. Rent in Denver Colorado is up 2.

The REAL Cost of a Big Mac

The 1-year change in the inflation rate is only reported at 2. I won't even bother with figuring out the price difference in rent for San Francisco as I would likely have a heart attack. Wage growth was reported yesterday.

McDonalds Prices - Fast Food Menu Prices

The increase was 0. Good news. But, real wages are a far cry from keeping up with price increases. Consumers are finally eclipsing the highs in incomes seen all the way back in Prices for nearly everything have eclipsed year prices almost immediately:.

I see a huge disconnect here. I also see the Federal Reserve getting themselves into hot water over this issue. The fact that individuals cannot afford the simple things in life, like a Big Mac, and yet, the Fed is keeping their eye on core PCE inflation numbers as their gauge of what they believe prices are doing is problematic. The effects of Quantitative Easing are going to exasperate prices and the Fed will not see this materialize in their key indicators. At the same time, wages, albeit moving higher, are lagging significantly behind the pace of costs.

Millenials are already marginalized with education costs saddling them with debt. Homeownership is not even a dream of theirs.

The Big Mac Index May Be Telling The Truth About Inflation

And, take away their ability to buy a burger and it might be the start of Armageddon. The Federal Reserve is in the process of letting the bonds they purchased merely expire instead of rolling these bonds into new instruments, thereby removing the money from the economy. This easy approach is going to be too soft and too slow. I believe, and have believed, that the Fed is going to have to move faster to catch up to reality. Interest rates are going to have to go higher.

And, the government is going to have to come to terms with their reporting numbers, lest they lose all aspects of credibility. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. By analysing the cost of certain goods in every country such as a Big Mac, pair of Levi jeans and an iPhone, the report showed just how much more expensive it is to shop in Australia compared to the rest of the world.

McDonalds Prices

But it might not be as much as you think. This year, however, the strength of the US dollar has significantly narrowed the gap between the two.

Extra Value Meals

Meanwhile, India remains the cheapest major economy in the world while shopping in Europe and Japan now feels a lot cheaper than before. A popular metric is the Big Mac barometer which shows the cheapest place to buy the famous burger. For a quick weekend getaway, Sydney, Paris and London remain the most expensive due to high hotel room rates while Mumbai and Delhi are the cheapest.

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Tokyo, Ottawa and Toronto were also found to be surprisingly attractive. Indian cities are also the cheapest places to go out on a date.

Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro were also found to be reasonably priced. Despite Yen depreciation, Tokyo is still an expensive place for a date as are Wellington and San Francisco. Big Macs are reasonably priced in Australia.