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TechTool Pro and another graphical SMART presentation tool whose name eludes me right now both presented graphs with some indicators pegged to the failure range. One looking at these would react exactly as I did and replace the drive. uses cookies.

I ran a scan on the drive with both TechTools Pro and later with Scannerz after it came out and both indicated the same thing - numerous sectors in the 98G to 99G had experienced a severe head crash. What I did was split the drive into two volumes, one ending right before the bad sectors began, and then another which encompassed the rest of the drive including the bad sectors.

After partitioning it like this I then deleted the volume containing the bad sectors leaving me with a single volume.

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  7. I installed this drive into an old MHz Titanium and have been using it ever since. It doesn't handle anything critical, I use it to read e-mails and check the weather in the morning, if I go on a trip, I'll take it along to watch DVDs in a motel room. I've been using it like this for years. I wouldn't use the drive for anything critical, but it's still of use.

    If I run TechTool Pro's SMART analysis on it, it still reports "imminent doom," but Scannerz, which like you said was a "threshold" system doesn't indicate that there's anything wrong with the drive.

    Which one is right? The drive is still in use. This is really a matter of interpreting SMART data, and the way it's being presented to users is generally "scary" when it need not be. With all that said, your drive likely experienced a controller failure, and no application in the world could predict it properly.

    What caused it? Who knows.

    Checking Hard Drive Health on Mac

    It could be a chip or other component on the drive's controller that failed, a transient could have burned something out on the controller, who know's. Predicting that is like expecting a weatherman to predict the exact time and location that a bolt of lightning will. In your case, the failure caused the heads to move to an extreme location on the drive, start pounding against something else in the drive causing the "drumbeat" sound, and then break, thus causing the screeching sound. I think that if you check out some of the sites that do drive recovery they may have audio recordings that pretty much duplicate your problem.

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    As for protecting data on external USB drives, even if the diagnostics of S. There doesn't seem to be a good way to monitor for imminent failure. In the face of that, the conventional wisdom is that instead of looking for ways to monitor drives for failure in advance, simply understand that any drive might fail at any time, so always maintain a current backup of it. Every drive I have with crucial data on it, internal or external, is backed up to at least one other drive. Page content loaded.

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    Are there any other tools that can perform more in depth diagnostics on external drives than what is provided in Disk Utility? It does work but not all of the features of S. Question: Q: Tool to perform S. More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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    PROS Scans drive very quickly Can prevent impending hard drive failures Instantly indicates whether drive has passed or failed. CONS Readings are hard to interpret. Softonic review There's nothing worse than sudden hard drive failure but fortunately nowadays you can see it coming. Unarchiver Free App for Software Users.