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This is the last power mac made to boot into OS9. Apple PowerMac G4. This Bundle include Matching Keyboard and Mouse. Benefits charity. It powers up just fine and was i use recently. The only thing to note is that is currently password protected and needs a reset. Apple Powermac G4 Server.

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Hard Drive can be upgraded to a larger capacity Current: 60GB. Device's Drive will be wiped clean. New owner will need to re-install OSX or We can install for a small fee. We are pretty sure its unused. Everything that was in this storage unit was untouched. Apple powermac QuickSilver Desktop pc. Also it has a GB hard disk in it but the bios only allows it to see GB of it.

The previous owner left the computer for grabs on the curb in front of his house. It is functional, but does not have a matching power supply. A modified ATX power supply was used to test this Mac and is included. No further testing has been done on it. Power Mac G4 1. Condition is Used. Quite a bit of work went into this MAC. Power Mac G4. Model M, freah installation of OSX Great working condition. See similar items. Turns on and boots normally. Mac OS Tested fully functional.

I bought this from a local neighborhood sale don't know if the keyboard and mouse where made for the eMac but it is compatible and works well. Mac OS X We'd like to settle any problem in a friendly manner. Was tested and powers on.

Power Mac G4 , used and refurbished PowerMac computers

No further testing conducted. Needs reset. Will need a power cord. The keyboard is yellowed, but does function properly. Speaker is blown. Great vintage piece. Unless noted or pictured power cords or adapters are not included. Connect the red lead of the volt meter to pin 22 of the power supply connector. If voltage is still not present, replace the power supply; otherwise, go to the next step. Start up the computer by pressing the power button on the front of the computer.

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Note: Verify that the power cable is plugged into connector J If the computer starts up normally, the power supply is OK. If the computer does not start up, go to the next step. Check to see if the power supply fan is spinning. If it is not, go to the next step. Connect the red lead of the volt meter to pin 1 of the power supply connector. Connect the red lead of the volt meter to pin 4 of the power supply connector.

Measure the voltage of pin 10 on the power supply connector. The testing is complete. You have just verified that the power supply is not the cause of the "No apparent power" symptom. The card is installed in slot 1 on the logic board, as illustrated below. Refer to the Symptom Charts for details on troubleshooting video cards. If you are having problems with a card, inspect the connector pins with a magnifying glass. If you find residue, use a pencil eraser or the chemical cleaner "stabilant" see TIL article to gently clean the pins.

Remember, never handle the cards by the gold connectors. Because cures are listed on the charts in the order of most likely solution, try the cures in the order presented. Verify whether or not the product continues to exhibit the symptom. If the symptom persists, try the next cure. Note: If you have replaced a module, reinstall the original module before you proceed to the next cure. For other assistance, contact Apple Technical Support. Refer to "Power Supply Verification" in this chapter.

If verification fails, replace the power supply. If the connector has any bent pins, replace the logic board. Run Apple Hardware Test. Flashing question mark appears on the screen 4 5 Start up from the system restore CD and check to see if the hard drive shows up on the desktop.

If it does, go to step 2. If it does not, go to step 4. Update the driver and restart the computer. Reinstall system software using the system restore CD that came with the computer. Reseat the hard drive data and power cables. Replace the hard drive. Make sure the jumper is the correct color for the processor type, includes all required inner metal clips, and is installed in the correct direction.


See "Processor Module" in Take Apart for more information. Reseat the processor module.

Replace the processor module. Replace the logic board.

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See "Resetting the Cuda Chip" in this chapter.