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Some mice, like the MX master, can be programmed so the side scrolling wheel changes your desktop. Love the trackpad, hate the magic mouse. You are totally missing out if you're not using your preferred peripheral for gestures!! Totally game changing when you first use it!

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Full screen mode is definitely better that what you were used to in windows. Remember you can 3 finger swipe between desktops. Shit, never mind. Need to wait a little and not move after holding. This looks interesting.

How-To: Use Aero Snap-like window snapping on Mac

I tried this just now and clicking and dragging that button doesn't do anything. You're talking about the "maximize" button, right? I think Magnet provides additional functions that aren't provided by this and are probably worth it. However, rather than Magnet, I'd suggest Spectacle: That way you get the bonus features without the cost.

BetterSnapTool may have what you're after. If anyone has a recommendation for a third party tool that behaves like Magnet, but has this additional feature, that would be awesome! Which types of apps? I have regular performance issues on a nee iMac and haven't been able to pinpoint a root cause. Let me know if you've found anything.

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I would be okay with OSX split view had it allowed for more than one split and not cover up any windows passing from one external monitor to the other. I've been searching since I got my MBP in and look to see if there's anything out there yet at least once per year. I found an app called "chunkwm" that allows this. Chunkwm is what you seek? These macOS apps are open-source, awesome, and best of all In the comments below, name the features most important to you when looking at a Mac window management solution.

Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. For focus and concentration http: You really ought to include Moom on this list. It's definitely the best power user solution but easy enough for beginners. Also as far as I know it's been around longer than any of the other solutions. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. How to Replicate Siri Shortcuts on Mac: Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy.

The Best Alternative Window Managers for macOS

Moom should be on the list. There is Window Tidy, too.

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  5. Scroll down for the next article. Custom layouts: You can take it further and create custom layouts to craft the desktop that suits you best. Moom has an intuitive UI for breaking your screen into a grid, then lets you specify what part of that grid you want a window to take up.

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    If the default grid is not good enough for you, you also have the option of breaking into smaller and smaller pieces. Last, the custom layouts can have an associated shortcut. Now, you can navigate to any open application, then trigger Moom with the associated shortcut. I use this option for Slack and Things every day. For the power users: As well, Moom has a couple advanced options.


    A perfect example use case for this is a web developer who requires multiple tools to do their work. They might need to open the command line i.

    1. BetterSnapTool

    With Moom, they could use the grid options to arrange all of these apps in a precise configuration, then save that as a custom layout. Last, Moom also recognizes external displays and allows you to save configurations for those as well. It has a lot more options not mentioned above, but these are a good start. One thing to mention here is that these solutions work great with native macOS apps, but applications built on Electron can be less ideal.